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31 Great Headlines You Can Use Right Now

Headlines are a funny old business. You could have written an incredible article but if it has what I call a ‘limp lettuce’ headline, many people probably won’t even bother to read it. The same is true on the flipside, some really poor articles get plenty of readers because a well-crafted headline really draws them in.


Without further ado, here are the 31 great headlines you can use right now (well you’ll have to fill in the blanks, but hey, you can’t have everything in life!).

  1. Discover Why You're Not __________
  2. Imagine What You Could Do With __________
  3. Find Out What You’re Missing With __________
  4. We’ve Been Waiting __________ Years to Tell You __________
  5. If You Haven’t Used __________ Then You’re Missing Out
  6. Don’t Do __________ Until You’ve Seen This
  7. It’s a Shame You Didn’t __________ Last Week
  8. You Could Save Money Because __________
  9. Why Haven’t You __________ Yet?
  10. Your Time is Too Precious to Bother With __________
  11. Most of Your Neighbours Probably Have a __________ Already
  12. 23 Reasons You Should Buy a __________
  13. The Secret to __________ is Just a Click Away
  14. Be One of the First to Experience __________
  15. In Just __________ Minutes You Will Learn Something Incredible
  16. What Cats Can teach You About _________
  17. Save Time With These Easy to Follow __________ Tips
  18. 11 Things You Need to Know About __________
  19. Because Sometimes _________ is the Only Thing You Can Rely On
  20. None of Your Competitors Are Brave Enough to Try __________
  21. _________ Used to Be Just Like You Until He Discovered __________
  22. Before You Give Up On __________ Read This First
  23. Fed Up With _________ Discover a Fresh Approach
  24. Do You Remember Playing __________ as a Child?
  25. Don’t Do __________ Just Because Everyone Else is
  26. This is the Reason Why Nobody Likes Your __________
  27. And You Thought You Didn’t Have a Choice When it Came to __________
  28. Why _________ is Like _________ (e.g. why SEO is like the World Cup)
  29. Stop Putting Off __________ and Do _________ Now
  30. Imagine Sitting at Home With __________
  31. Your Peace of Mind is __________

And a bit of a crazy one as an added bonus…

Look Where Saying No Got You - Say Yes to __________

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