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An email campaign dissected

Earlier this week I received the email below. I've left the company's name off on purpose. (I don't want them to hunt me down like a rabid fox!)

Gumtree Email V2

Here are the main things I didn't like about it (and mistakes you should avoid). 

No personalisation

I've been a paying customer of this company for over 10 years and all I got was a "hello there". 

The first word

'We' was the first word used in the main body of the email. Sorry but I don't really care about what you need. What can you do for me?


Referring to me as a 'valued customer'

I don't like being called a valued customer when I am not treated like one. The only time I ever hear from this company is when they want something from me. I don't get emails with discounts off their services or anything else remotely useful.

They gave me no reason to take the survey

I was asked to give up a couple of minutes of my time but where was the incentive? If they'd said something along the lines of 'take the survey and get a discount off your next order' or 'answer some quick questions' and be entered into a draw to win an ipad' then I would have done it. 

The copy has no personality

You could be forgiven for thinking this email came from an insurance company or other traditionally 'stiff' business sector. In fact it was from a well known online business who don't seem to have found the right tone of voice for their customers (the majority of whom are probably my age or younger). 

What can you learn from this?

This kind of email marketing is doomed to fail. I'd put money on the fact they would have got a very low response to this email.

They made a common mistake of treating their customers like robots. I won't fill in a survey just because I'm asked to, I need a good reason because my time is valuable and important to me, even if it is only two minutes. 

When you're going to send an email out to your subscribers, try a bit harder than the example above to get a response. 

Make your copy lively, engaging and personal. Don't be afraid to show off some personality. And most importantly give people a good reason to do what you're asking them to, 'because it will help us' is not going to cut it. 

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