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Write for your audience or die

Blogging is pointless...unless you're writing for your intended audience.

One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to writing blog posts is that people write what they want to read about, not what their potential customers want to read.


Start writing for your audience or your blog will die.

It's all very well me saying that, but how can you put a plan into action? Well here's how:

  • Develop customer personas

Before you write anything you must have a clear idea of who your blog post is aimed at. Do some research into your potential client base and write up some personas you can refer to when writing.

For example, where do they stay? what's their income level? what are their fears? what motivates them? do they have a family? how old are they? 

Once you're armed with this information you can write an article that's highly targeted rather than a wishy-washy one that ends up appealing to nobody.

  • Stick your self promotion up your ????

Don't even thinking about writing a blog post about how you're the best at XYZ or blowing your own trumpet

Writing to massage your own ego is fine, just don't publish it anywhere! Customers care about what's important to them, they don't give two hoots about you. 

  • Don't write in a foreign language

What language do your customers speak? We're not talking English or French here - it's all about tone of voice. For example, if you're selling products online to a younger audience, you need to use words and phrases they use in everyday life to establish a connection.

There's no point in adopting a formal tone with an informal audience. 

There you go: three tips to help you write for your audience and to stop your blog from dying a slow painful death. 

If you can't manage this yourself, we have 10 years' copywriting experience to help you along the way. 

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